Our Mission

Ipurangi exists to provide economic and personal development for the people of New Zealand. It intends to build nation-wide telecommunications infrastructure (network) based around the Marae of the motu. The Marae will then have the same communications capability and capacity as Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch.

Ipurangi also intends to pass ownership of that infrastructure to the Marae, giving all Marae a significant financial asset in the near future.

Once the network is in place at a Marae, Ipurangi will work with the Marae to enable the Marae and its whānau to participate in the global digital economy, including (based upon Marae approval):
     Becoming a digital hub for whānau and community,
     Becoming an ICT reseller for whānau and community.

As part of the Ipurangi growth strategy it will be creating over 2,500 jobs complete with training for whānau from the Marae.

All Ipurangi employees will start on the living wage with a benefits package.